All Stars VR Litepaper

Online events have skyrocketed in popularity, Concerts generated $25.9 billion globally in 2021 and online concerts are a growing oppertunity in this industry.

Arianne Grande did an online virtual concert tour in collaboration with Fornite attended by over 27.7 million fans. This would be an impossible feat in a physical arena, due to the large amount of people, but it's just the begin of what can be achieved in the digital world. The market for online events is huge and growing by the day. They have become even more popular since 2020 as the world went digital due to lockdowns, creating an even bigger market for digital concerts and events.

All Stars VR is the first platform that allows you to interact with your favourite stars in a digital virtual reality metaverse. Attend concerts, events, meet and greets & socialise with your favourite celebrities and influencers from wherever you are in the world. The All Stars VR token is designed for the Binance Smart Chain (BEP 20) and created to power the All Stars Metaverse and Elite Marketplace.

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